Conference Proceedings

Conference Proceedings
Park, H.-H. ; Kwon, K.H. ; Koak, B.-H. ; Lee, S.-M. ; Kwon, O-J. ; Kim, B.-W. ; Lee, J.-W. ; Yoo, J.-B. ; Sung, Y.-K.
Pub. info.: Chemical surface preparation, passivation, and cleaning for semiconductor growth and processing : symposium held April 27-29, 1992, San Francisco, California, U.S.A..  pp.219-224,  1992.  Pittsburgh, Pa..  Materials Research Society
Title of ser.: Materials Research Society symposium proceedings
Ser. no.: 259

Conference Proceedings

Conference Proceedings
Lee, B.-Y. ; Park, B.-M. ; Hwang, D.-H. ; Kwon, O-J.
Pub. info.: Proceedings of the Third International Symposium on Defects in Silicon.  pp.80-87,  1999.  Pennington, NJ.  Electrochemical Society
Title of ser.: Electrochemical Society Proceedings Series
Ser. no.: 99-1

Technical Paper

Technical Paper
Lee, H. ; Kwon, O-J. ; Lee, J.
Pub. info.: 2007 SAE Noise and Vibration Conference and Exhibition : technical paper.  2007.  Warrendale, Penn..  Society of Automotive Engineers
Title of ser.: Society of Automotive Engineers technical paper series
Ser. no.: 2007