The view of detailed information (Article)

Detailed information (Article)

  • A: The following operations can be performed to this bibliographic information.

    • Text: A file is outputted for bibliographic items by the character code of "UTF-8".
    • BibTex: A file is outputted in BibTex form.
    • Refer/BibIX: A file is outputted in Refer/BibIX form.
    • RefWorks: A file is outputted in RefWorks form.
    • EndNote Web: A file is outputted in EndNote form.
    • E-mail: Bibliographic items are transmitted by e-mail. It corresponds to the character code of "UTF-8" and two kinds of "SJIS(s)."
    • Print: A screen suitable for printing is displayed.
    • Link This Page: URL of the present page is displayed.
  • B: Online
    URL which displays a whole sentence is displayed.
    A click of URL will display a whole sentence.

  • C: Details
    A click will display detailed information.

    • C-1: In the case of a long sentence, it may not indicate all, but if it clicks "Read more", all the contents can be checked.
  • D: Similar Items A similar data list of applicable data is displayed.
    A format, a title, and an author's name are displayed.