Conference Proceedings

Conference Proceedings
W. Schwab ; T. Hoffmann ; M. Griesser
Pub. info.: Flavor and health benefits of small fruits.  1035  pp.293-300,  2010.  Washington DC.  American Chemical Society
Title of ser.: ACS symposium series
Ser. no.: 1035

Conference Proceedings

Conference Proceedings
M. Niwa ; R. Mitsuhashi ; S. Hayashi ; K. Yamamoto ; Y. Harada ; M. Kubota ; A. Rothchild ; T. Hoffmann ; S. Kubicek ; S. DeGendt ; M. Heyns ; A. Lauwers ; S. Biesemans ; J. Kittle
Pub. info.: Physics and technology of high-k gate dielectrics III.  pp.269-286,  2006.  Pennington, N.J..  Electrochemical Society
Title of ser.: ECS transactions
Ser. no.: 1(5)

Technical Paper

Technical Paper
T. Hoffmann ; U. Riedel
Pub. info.: AIAA meeting papers on disc.  2008.  Reston, Va..  American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Title of ser.: AIAA Paper : AIAA Thermophysics Conference
Ser. no.: 2008