Conference Proceedings

Conference Proceedings
Miyashita, M. ; Nakayama, T. ; Takase, T. ; Ohkura, Y. ; Yoshida, Y. ; Nishiguchi, H. ; Shima, A. ; Nishimura, T.
Pub. info.: Novel In-Plane Semiconductor Lasers III.  pp.148-154,  2004.  Bellingham, Wash..  SPIE - The International Society of Optical Engineering
Title of ser.: Proceedings of SPIE - the International Society for Optical Engineering
Ser. no.: 5365

Conference Proceedings

Conference Proceedings
Ikeda, T. ; Higuchi, H. ; Ohkura, Y. ; Wakahara, S.
Pub. info.: Proceedings of the Eighth International Symposium on Silicon-on-Insulator Technology and Devices.  pp.251-258,  1997.  Pennington, NJ.  Electrochemical Society
Title of ser.: Electrochemical Society Proceedings Series
Ser. no.: 97-23

Technical Paper

Technical Paper
Kishii, K. ; Sato, Y. ; Ohkura, Y. ; Murakami, T. ; Hasegawa, N. ; Ohnuki, H.
Pub. info.: 1996 International Off-Highway and Powerplant Congress and Exposition : SAE technical paper.  pp.1-8,  1996.  Warrendale, Penn..  Society of Automotive Engineers
Title of ser.: Society of Automotive Engineers technical paper series
Ser. no.: 1996