Technical Paper

Technical Paper
Delil, A.A.M. ; Heemskerk, J.F. ; Mastenbroek, O. ; Supper, W.
Pub. info.: 26th International Conference on Environmental Systems : SAE technical paper.  pp.1-13,  1996.  Warrendale, Penn..  Society of Automotive Engineers
Title of ser.: Society of Automotive Engineers technical paper series
Ser. no.: 1996

Conference Proceedings

Conference Proceedings
Hufenbach, B. ; Brandt, P. ; Andre, G. ; Voeten, P. ; Van, Put P. ; Sanders, B. ; Schwer, A. ; Delil, A. ; Mastenbroek, O. ; Pauw, A.
Pub. info.: Second European Spacecraft Propulsion Conference : 27-29 May, 1997, ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands.  pp.561-570,  1997.  Noordwijk, Netherlands.  ESA Publications Division
Title of ser.: ESA SP
Ser. no.: 398