Conference Proceedings

Conference Proceedings
Pub. info.: ANTEC 2002, annual technical conference, San Francisco, CA, May 5-9, 2002.  3  pp.3622-3623,  2002.  Brookfield, Conn..  Society of Plastic Engineers.
Title of ser.: Annual Technical Conference - ANTEC : Society of Plastics Engineers Annual Technical Papers
Ser. no.: 60

Conference Proceedings

Conference Proceedings
Zheng,X.G. ; Young,D.J.
Pub. info.: High temperature corrosion and protection of materials 4 : proceedings of the 4th International Symposium on High Temperature Corrosion and Protection of Materials = Actes du 4è Colloque International sur la Corrosion et la Protection des Matériaux à haute Température, Les Embiez, France, May-mai 20-24 1996.  Part2  pp.567-574,  1997.  Zuerich, Switzerland.  Trans Tech Publications
Title of ser.: Materials science forum
Ser. no.: 251-254

Technical Paper

Technical Paper
Bathelt,H. ; Bukovics,J. ; Young,D.J.
Pub. info.: XXII FISITA Congress.  2  pp.190-198,  1988.  Warrendale, PA.  Society of Automotive Engineering, Inc.
Title of ser.: SAE publication
Ser. no.: P-211