Conference Proceedings

Conference Proceedings
Cohen, S. L. ; Rath, D. ; Lee, G. ; Furman, B. ; Pope, K. R. ; Tsai, R. ; Syverson, W. ; Gow, C. ; Liehr, M.
Pub. info.: Ultraclean semiconductor processing technology and surface chemical cleaning and passivation : Symposum held April 17-19, 1995, San Francisco, California, USA.  pp.13-,  1995.  Pittsburgh, PA.  MRS - Materials Research Society
Title of ser.: Materials Research Society symposium proceedings
Ser. no.: 386

Technical Paper

Technical Paper
Rath, D. ; Koller, A.
Pub. info.: A.S.M.E. paper.  1997.  New York.  The American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Title of ser.: ASME Technical Paper : AA
Ser. no.: 1997