Conference Proceedings

Conference Proceedings
Cai, Z.H. ; Cheng, T.H. ; Lam, C.S. ; Wang, Y.X. ; Jiang, S.M. ; Jiang, Y.M. ; Ma, M.D. ; Wang, Z.J.
Pub. info.: Metro and access networks II : APOC 2002 : Asia-Pacific Optical and Wireless Communications : 16-17 October, 2002, Shanghai, China.  pp.170-177,  2002.  Bellingham, Wash..  SPIE-The International Society for Optical Engineering
Title of ser.: Proceedings of SPIE - the International Society for Optical Engineering
Ser. no.: 4908

Conference Proceedings

Conference Proceedings
Lam, C.S. ; Fonstad, C.G.
Pub. info.: Rapid thermal processing : symposium held December 2-4, 1985, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A..  pp.403-408,  1985.  Pittsburgh, Pa..  Materials Research Society
Title of ser.: Materials Research Society symposium proceedings
Ser. no.: 52

Technical Paper

Technical Paper
Weckman, E.J. ; Lam, C.S. ; Weisinger, J.E. ; Gill, W. ; Brown, A.L.
Pub. info.: A.S.M.E. paper.  2003.  New York, NY.  American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Title of ser.: ASME Technical Paper : HT
Ser. no.: 2003