Conference Proceedings

Conference Proceedings
Lee, D. ; Roman, P. ; Mumbauer, P. ; Grant, R. ; Horn, M. ; Ruzyllo, J.
Pub. info.: Low and high dielectric constant materials : materials science, processing, and reliability issues : proceedings of the fifth international symposium.  pp.237-242,  2000.  Pennington, N.J..  Electrochemical Society
Title of ser.: Electrochemical Society Proceedings Series
Ser. no.: 2000-5

Conference Proceedings

Conference Proceedings
Cunningham, W. ; Cooke, M. ; Melone, J. ; Horn, M. ; Kazukauskas, V. ; Roy, P. ; Doherty, F. ; Glaser, M. ; Vaitkus, J. ; Rahman, M.
Pub. info.: Silicon carbide and related materials 2003 : ICSCRM, 2003 : proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Silicon Carbide and Related Materials 2003, Lyon, France, October 5-10, 2003.  pp.1093-1096,  2004.  Uetikon-Zuerich.  Trans Tech Publications
Title of ser.: Materials science forum
Ser. no.: 457-460

Technical Paper

Technical Paper
Horn, M. ; Neubeck, J.
Pub. info.: 2011 Highlighting the Latest Power Train, Vehicle and Infomobility Technologies : SAE technical paper.  2011.  Warrendale, Penn..  Society of Automotive Engineers
Title of ser.: Society of Automotive Engineers technical paper series
Ser. no.: 2011