Conference Proceedings

Conference Proceedings
Sleight, J.W. ; Bryant, A. ; Clark, W. ; leong, M. ; Nowak, E.J. ; Rausch, W. ; Sherony, M.J.
Pub. info.: Silicon-on-Insulator Technology and Devices X : proceedings of the tenth International Symposium.  pp.245-250,  2001.  Pennington, N.J..  Electrochemical Society
Title of ser.: Electrochemical Society Proceedings Series
Ser. no.: 2001-3

Conference Proceedings

Conference Proceedings
Stamper, A. K. ; McGahay, V. ; Shapiro, M. ; Miller, L. A. ; Tian, X. ; Bryant, A. ; Serianni, L. A.
Pub. info.: Low-dielectric constant materials II : symposium held December 2-3, 1996, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A..  pp.183-,  1997.  Pittsburgh, Pa..  MRS - Materials Research Society
Title of ser.: Materials Research Society symposium proceedings
Ser. no.: 443

Technical Paper

Technical Paper
Bryant, A. ; Beno, J.
Pub. info.: 2011 SAE world congress : technical paper.  2011.  Warrendale, Penn..  Society of Automotive Engineers
Title of ser.: Society of Automotive Engineers technical paper series
Ser. no.: 2011